Kimberley Mitchell

About me: My name is Kimberley Mitchell. I have a strong background in applied statistics and predictive analytics and a recent Masters in Economics from NYU, with a focus on econometrics. I also have experience in creating data visualizations through web apps and dashboards, application support and business analysis.

I enjoy challenging predictive analytics projects especially having to do with behavioral or development economics, digital tech, the internet of things (IoT) and/or unique applications of Big Data.

Which strategy brings the most value to your organization?
Brandishing the latest tool like a child with a new toy on Christmas morning?
or finding the appropriate methodology and approach to extract the decision-relevant information you need?

I am committed to finding the best tool or tools to address your organization's situation including both proven solutions and leading-edge analytics, and I have the breadth of experience to understand your current situation to and apply the solution that works for you now.

Let me help understand, extract, organize, analyze, wrangle, and exploit your data, and optimize your data collection processes!

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Resume: Data Analytics Resume

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K. Mitchell

Current Projects

Data Scientist / Architect: Bridg-iT School Bullying Solution (4/2015 - Current)

  • Data Warehouse Architect: Dimensional design for enhanced analytics w/star schema
  • OLAP/BI Dashboard Design / Development
  • Data Science Strategy Development

Using Data Science to Analyze the Online Job Market

Predictive Analytics: Context and Use Cases

Ecommerce Website Migration

Skills Update

Econometrics and Research Papers