Kimberley Mitchell – Data Whisperer for Independent Insights

whisperer: “a person who excels at calming or training hard-to-manage animals using noncoercive methods based especially on an understanding of the animals' natural instincts”

Inappropriate application of analytic techniques results in faulty decisions based on those incorrect conclusions. By asking probing questions of both stakeholders and the data, listening intently and making sure I understand the situation thoroughly before recommending a situation, reliable solutions are the result.

Appropriate data analysis requires both a nimble understanding of the data’s origins and the assumptions underlying the analytical technique. By developing a deep understanding of your hard-to-manage data, I can provide meaningful insights that hold up to scrutiny and provide reliable guidance for future actions.

I enjoy challenging predictive analytics projects across many domains and industries. When a desired outcome can be quantified, the first step has been taken towards building a predictive model. Let me find the appropriate methodology and approach to extract the decision-relevant information you need.

Let me help understand, extract, organize, analyze, wrangle, and exploit your data, and optimize your data collection processes!

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Current Projects

Data Scientist / Architect: Bridg-iT School Bullying Solution (4/2015 - Current)

  • Force layout diagram of hypothetical bullying network (D3).
  • Data Warehouse Architect: Dimensional design for enhanced analytics w/star schema
  • OLAP/BI Dashboard Design / Development
  • Data Science Strategy Development

Using Data Science to Analyze the Online Job Market

Predictive Analytics: Context and Use Cases

Ecommerce Website Migration

Skills Update

Econometrics and Research Papers