Kimberley Mitchell

A seasoned professional with a passion for data analytics. Love, love working with data: extraction, data viz, analytics, and predictive analytics. Committed to finding the best tool or technique to address your organization's situation including both proven solutions and leading-edge analytics, with the breadth of experience to understand your current situation to and apply the solution that works.

Starting with the identification of a key metric, and proceeding through the stages of exploratory graphical discovery, modelling, evaluation, verification, and finally, presentation, important insights may be gleaned from a mash-up of data you already have with metrics from other proprietary or public sources.

About me: With a strong background in applied statistics and predictive analytics and a recent Masters in Economics from NYU, with a focus on econometrics. I also have experience in creating data visualizations through web apps and dashboards, application support and business analysis.

I enjoy challenging predictive analytics projects across many domains and industries. When a desired outcome can be quantified, the first step has been taken towards building a predictive model. Let me find the appropriate methodology and approach to extract the decision-relevant information you need.

Let me help understand, extract, organize, analyze, wrangle, and exploit your data, and optimize your data collection processes!

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Resume: Data Analytics Resume

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K. Mitchell

Current Projects

Data Scientist / Architect: Bridg-iT School Bullying Solution (4/2015 - Current)

  • Force layout diagram of hypothetical bullying network (D3).
  • Data Warehouse Architect: Dimensional design for enhanced analytics w/star schema
  • OLAP/BI Dashboard Design / Development
  • Data Science Strategy Development

Using Data Science to Analyze the Online Job Market

Predictive Analytics: Context and Use Cases

Ecommerce Website Migration

Skills Update

Econometrics and Research Papers