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Sunday, June 21, 2009
Women in Iran are at front and center of the protests. Restrictions on women's dress increased measureably during the current regime.

See the article below for details.

The courage of these women cannot be overstated. They are risking their lives and safety for their belief in freedom and the right to be themselves.

I am frightened for them, and awestruct at their courage to move to the streets in the face of such tyrrany.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009
This is the start of a series on women heroes.

The first entry is Irena Sendlerova, the woman who smuggled thousands of children out of the Warsaw ghetto and into the homes of courageous Polish families, convents and orphanages who took care of them at the risk of their own lives.

You may have seen the Hallmark Hall of Fame presentation. It is all true.

Amazon lists the only biography as currently unavailable at the link below:

She only passed away in May of 2008 at 98 years of age after being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007.

There is a group who have dedicated themselves to telling her story. Their website is at

Could there be a more heroic story? She not only risked her own life, but led others to become heroic too, as they risked their lives as members of her network or as protectors of these endangered children. Perhaps the most poignant fact is that very few of these children were able to be reunited with their families as almost all of the families were murdered at the Treblinka death camp.

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Posting tonight from my new little Asus eee PC. What a cool little gadget!

You can find out about it here.

I'm going to start recording heroes I find. My favorite charity is Women For Women (.org) They donate money and provide education for women who are refugees from war to help them get back on their feet and let them know that the world has not forgotten about them.

I have sponsored somebody through this organization. She's a woman in Afghanistan. I'm supposed to write a letter every month, but I don't. I only wrote 2 letters so far. I'm hoping that the money helps though. She has 9 children, most grown aned is about my age. What different lives we have had. My biggest angst is that my life is not meaningful enough. She has faced the most difficult social environment I can imagine and has managed to raise a huge family.

Anyway, better go now.

I had my little silver Toyota painted. I've been driving it for almost 3 years, and the paint was gettting a little splotchy where the fender had obviously been replaced at one time.
Also, and more importantly, it was annoying to try to find my little car in a crowded parking lot becuase half the cars in the lot were usually little silver cars.
Not too many cars are electric lime green! I love it, it seems like a fresh and cheerful color, and very few other cars of that color make it easy to find!

It has been such a long time since I posted anything, but I often have something to say.

Richard and I went for a walk this morning through a local neighborhood. Only one house had been decorated for Easter. We are supposed to be such a religious country, yet the Europeans outdo us in celebrating this holiday. Both in London and in Switzerland, my colleagues get both good Friday and Easter Monday off work. For us, Good Friday was a partially staffed day and i worked, as did several dozen of my colleagues.

I wonder what the Europeans did this weekend. I've heard before that everybody goes on hikes on Sunday. Maybe they just hiked all weekend. I'm picturing thousands of athletic, cheerful Nordic types hiking up and down the mountains in The Sound of Music. :) Obviously I need to expand my cultural wareness of the Swiss culture!

Not much Easter for me. I'm not religious, and Richard is Jewish. But his Mom's birthday was Friday so we're taking her out for dinner. The restaurant we're going to is a terrific BYOB. Fresco is the name.

Well, time for a shower. Lots to do today.
Sunday, September 14, 2003
Didn't go to a movie. Enjoyed a drive in the little Miata instead.

a little red Miata

It was warm and sunny, high in the 80's, but it did start to rain so we had to put the top up. This may be the last really warm Sunday for us to take the little car out.

We stopped at a farmer's market, but the produce was cardboard tasting. ick!

Saw the season finale of Sex and the City tonight. Is there anything more trivial? All the same I was glad to see Miranda and Steve get back together. They seem to have complementary strengths and really like each other. Too bad for Debbie and Robert, though, although I'm sure they'll both recover nicely.

The Carrie relationship seemed forced, though, and as usual, Samantha was little more than comic relief.
Pet peeve, litterbugs. When visiting Canada, I noticed that the roads and private property were all kept much more neat and clean than the space around here.

Link above is a Canadian comic strip on the same topic, showing two typical Canadian ladies actually bothering to clean up somebody else's mess. Makes me think that rather than only complaining, maybe I should be doing something along those lines myself.

Anyway, it's Sunday. We may be going to see a movie, Pretty Dirty Things. Hope so!
Saturday, September 13, 2003
Cool article on photographing the fall foliage :)

I hope to get to use this information this fall.

It's cold and rainy today, so no pictures will be taken today.

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