New Jersey Population Clusters

Market segmentation analysis performed by unsupervised machine learning. Results displayed in the map below.

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Cluster 0 (137 municipalities)
Upper middle: more homes over $200K, more likely to work in management, more likely college educated.

Cluster 1 (94 municipalities)
Cosmopolitan: More young people (25 to 34), more likely to rent, more latino people.

Cluster 2 (176 municipalities)
Traditional suburbs: More white people in owner-occupied detached homes.

Cluster 3 (10 municipalities)
Wealthiest: Higher % homes over $1MM and more than 8 rooms. Fewer % women in labor force.

Cluster 4 (81 municipalities)
New working class: Young (25-34), more likely employed in service occupation. High % single Mom's, high % women in labor force.

Cluster 5 (34 municipalities)
Cities: Higher % homes with no cars. Higher % single mothers and % poverty.

Cluster 6 (33 municipalities)
Older Communities: more people over 55 and retired, higher proportion of veterans, 5-6 room homes.